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What to Expect With MAGEC


Learn more about what your child can expect before, during, and after a MAGEC procedure by downloading the patient and family guide.

Is MAGEC right for my child?

The MAGEC system allows patients to receive the same alignment benefits found in traditional growing rod treatment with the added benefit of noninvasive distractions.

MAGEC Matters gives pediatric spinal deformity surgeons a deeper look into why, when and how MAGEC system growing rods are used for the treatment of early-onset scoliosis.

MAGEC Matters Podcast Series
Get Answers and Information about the MAGEC System

EOS can be caused by neuromuscular conditions, birth defects of the spine, underlying syndromes, and in some cases, the cause is unknown. Most patients face a high risk of spinal deformity progression due to the early onset of their condition when skeletal growth is remaining. When the spinal deformity crowds the space within the chest cavity, or when the chest cavity is malformed, lung growth can be impaired during a critical time of development.


Extremely progressive EOS can result in heart problems, and a life-threatening pulmonary condition known as thoracic insufficiency syndrome (TIS). It is important to treat EOS particularly when patients are diagnosed with, or at risk of, TIS to help resolve the potential for lifelong health complications.

Causes and Risks of EOS


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